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ATL: The Untold Story Of Atlanta’s Rise in the Rap Game

Usher, Ludacris, T.I, and more of Atlanta’s own share the untold story of its rise in the rap game. Tuesday at 10/9c on VH1.

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ATL: The Untold Story of Atlanta’s Rise in the Rap Game | Rock Docs

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PHENOM says:

This documentary greatly inspired me.

FN-3181 says:

If General William Tecumseh Sherman could see Atlanta now. He'd probably be flummoxed by the appearance city in the modern-day with its skyscrapers and highways. I could see him being confused if he listened to this rap music! XD

Vonslik69 says:

I watched this doc and it's about time ATL gets it's just do on their contribution to Hip Hop. J.D. was a pioneer and single handedly established ATL's rise to Hip Hop and secured it's permanent position in the book of Hip Hop. Outkast was no doubt the force that really opened the door for ATL, and for the rest of the talented artist that were cut from that cloth, but the real cats know that Outkast's first album was heavily "Cali/L.A." influenced? Not so much in how they sounded as far as accent, but more of the elements and tone was all "WEST COAST"!!! Da BRAT was in extension of Dr. Dre's "Chronic" and Snoops "Doggystyle" as far as really adopting the image and persona of West Coast Hip Hop? Let's speak the truth? It really wasn't until "CRUNK" came on the scene that totally made Southern Hip Hop there very own? I was a little surprised that T.I.'s lack of knowledge and history of Hip Hop was not on par with the true origin's of "southern Hip Hop", and who started what? He made a comment about Atlanta was the first to rap about "TRAP" music and went to say that he was the first to put it out there? WRONG!!!! Everybody here in L.A. and New York knows that the King of the South (rapper) was…is and always will be "SCARFACE" (Houston). FACE had been talking about the "Dirty South" and Drug Dealin wayyyyy before any southern rapper had as far back as the mid 80's. Houston is the origin's of "Southern Hip Hop. A lot of talent came out of ATL over the years, and continues to grow, and at the end of it all..there is no denying it… ATL did they thing, and holds a permanent stamp in Hip Hop history. 

Mr.doughboy Official says:

These boys killed rap… period point blank.. end of story

PopeBoyy says:


Paper Chasers TV says:

Some of our Ludacris footage from Paper Chasers is featured in this doc, looking forward to seeing it!

MasterJProductions1 says:

Can't Wait to watch this!!!

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