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AUDIO REVIEW: Love and Hip Hop NY Reunion: Part 1

Comments says:

Peter needed to sit his butt down Amina looked great. 

CD Mitchell says:

Love and Hip Hop New York Reunion Part 1 “It’s on!” says:

this is a excellent review

Petti Wilks says:

Great Review!! You are always on point and keeping it real.

Fred lampkin says:

Lord of the Rings! Count Dracula, I can’t!

Daryle Thompson says:

No you didn’t go and get a clip of Peter Gunz. I remember that joint Ma!
Carol, this review totally rocks. Girl, you is crazy as hell!

Moonlite Venus says:

MAYBE Her look was for a role.If not who tha fuck talked her into
this review..Can’t wait til you get your own show 🙂 🙂 Look out for an
email from me ..xoxox Moonlite Venus 

Fred lampkin says:

On point! This is a great review the best on this topic! You always make
great videos Carol!

CD Mitchell says:

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