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Baseball fans rejoice! The legendary Hank Aaron has joined Twitter!/MLB/status/314033464800313344

The 79-year-old Baseball Hall of Famer, widely regarded as one of the greatest baseball players of all time, has officially taken the Twitter plunge:

I am officially on Twitter!I won’t be posting a lot, but look forward to sharing with you.”

— Hank Aaron (@HenryLouisAaron) March 19, 2013

Hank Aaron

Much to his fans’ delight:

Can’t believe @henrylouisaaron has joined Twitter! #myhero

— Emily Lee (@emilylee1011) March 19, 2013

Home run king @henrylouisaaron on Twitter. That’s right, I said it and meant it. A man better than stats.

— Justin Spicer (@justinbspicer) March 19, 2013

The greatest in HR of the all history is in Twitter > @henrylouisaaron Inmortal 44

— LaDivina Diva (@LaDivinaDiva) March 19, 2013

@henrylouisaaron you are my dad’s favorite player of all time. Welcome to the twittersphere.

— Griffin (@noided1) March 19, 2013

And as soon as I start using twitter for the first time in months, I see that @henrylouisaaronhas one. My life is complete.

— Jamie Smith (@JamiesPrettyRad) March 19, 2013

#nf the greatest baseball player to ever lace up a pair of spikes, @henrylouisaaron

— The Goose ⛅ (@KyJent) March 19, 2013

@henrylouisaaron Welcome. Can’t wait to hear from one of the greatest.

— Brandon Stamper (@StampMan43) March 19, 2013

@henrylouisaaron Mr Aaron, HR 715 is one of my most vivid sports memories ever. You are still the HR king in my book!Take care.

— Rj (@rugbjack) March 19, 2013

@henrylouisaaron I’m glad the home run king has joined Twitter.All baseball players should aspire to the man and player you are #respect

— General Iowa (@IowaCubsSoxFan) March 19, 2013

Welcome to twitter @henrylouisaaron !! One of the greatest baseball players ever ⚾⚾

— ..Ralph ✌ (@That_Guyy_Ralph) March 19, 2013

This is so cool! RT”@henrylouisaaron: I am officially on Twitter! I won’t be posting a lot, but look forward to sharing with you.””

— Patrick Devlin (@pjdevlinsr) March 19, 2013

Oh had such a beautiful swing. RT @jbroks86: Hank Aaron and Sadahuru Oh home run derby in 74 at Korakuen Stadium…

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) March 19, 2013

Welcome to Twitter to the REAL home run king & 1 of baseball’s all-time class acts: @henrylouisaaron

— Bruce Buchanan (@BBuchananWomble) March 19, 2013

The Hammer is on twitter. @henrylouisaaron just made the twitterverse a better place.

— WRBL Sports (@WRBLSports) March 19, 2013

Welcome to Twitter, sir!

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