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Batpuppy demands justice


MickeyJay says:

Oh my…. I can’t even. This is too effing cute.

chemistrydoc says:

Bark Wayne.

Elapidae says:

Batmans best friend.

AllTheUserNamesAreAlreadyTaken says:

The girl in the back is checking out the pup’s butt.

bjc5070 says:

more like dawwmands justice

Bondomite says:

I saved Gotham because I love you!

Timaah says:

Should have got a white puppy.

ayebrows says:

I’ve been working all day and I see this and all I think is OMG SO CUTE *starry eyes*

GordyTheRobot says:

Bat dog here, yes I see the Joker over by the fire hydrant.

Nathanfake says:

that works on so many levels – bravo

legendarywaitforitdary says:

I hope his name is Batman and when you take his collar off, you call him Bruce.

rollinginthepuns says:


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