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Battle of the Beats: Music Meeting Ep:7 S:2


Daniel Antoine Sr. says:

I can agree fully with Sharod I haven’t listen to the radio for years. I
have absolutely no reason to turn it on. Hot 97 is trash. They play sell
out music all day everyday. Nothing with meaning or essence. Just brain
washing music and they know that. Ebro is the downfall of New York rap. And
he can continue being ignorant about not trying to man up to it correctly,
and continue to be sarcastic about how people are blaming him. The minor &
major league point he made, I get it. But here’s the thing… before the
major league, the minor was there before the major. Fuck his trolling
tweeting ass. He’s a lame and probably jewish.

louis1931 says:

cass version should be on the battle

Benji Shonubi says:

Every time I see Deanii Scott I just think wow!

Keith Stealth says:

that bald headed chick looks like woody from toy story

AcidLoud77 says:

kani high lmao

MMJ Vid says:

If I had a pick I would Say FAT JOE MADISOn SQUARES. Produced By Cool and
Dre.. STaight Fire!!!!!

mav rick says:

Yo I kno y’all had to put that Lil Jon turn down for what uip there?

southjerseysfinest says:

bout time somebody gave props to black thought

The guy you love to hate Rns says:

Touch touch touch down niqqa…. thats my shit ‘uk’ 

babygiirl1920 says:

looking ass bitches is better. Cassidy!!

G. Stanfield says:

These music “meetings” are pointless cause Ebro has to follow a strict
radio playlist from his boss. 

noslen2010 says:

Jen is so hot.

Sharod Boogette says:

too bad i already have all of these songs downloaded & could listen to them
with the curses any time i want.. just like everybody else under 40 years
old. the music meeting is just putting people on to new music that they
can download themselves lol

ebro should get the actual artist more involved & not just the fans. try to
get exclusive tracks or something. i grew up listening to hot97, never did
i have to vote or fill out surveys. you would think out of all those djs at
hot someone would know or have the power to play new music. the fans dont
know wtf they want. if they did, they wouldnt listen to the radio lol they
gonna vote for the most “relevant” artist. that song with future, pusha t &
pharrell is terrible. pharell had a good verse but thats it, even the beat
was ass & they talking about drugs they never sold. even if they really did
sell drugs, that topic is beyond dead

regardless, i havent turned on a radio since 2005. only people that listen
to radio is people without an ipod cable to hook to their car radio &
stores in the hood that play the radio all day. Even businesses use pandora
or whatever. the people that actually enjoy the talk part of radio wont
listen because they dont play music they can relate to & the people that
like the music can care less about the talking portion in the morning show.
its funny how theyre supposedly catering to people in their mid 20s- early
30s but im 25 & cant find one reason to turn on a radio. however, i am
subscribed to the youtube channel

cutup1 says:

Damn Karlie, not so low. Tell the barber to leave a lil up top. You still
possess unisex appeal.

DJ YB says:

ciph got side hoes 

Deathwish Hip Hop says:

wow they just learned what THOT mean way to stay on top of things hot 97

ChiChi_Knows_Best says:

Ebro…. U are GORG

Dibsanim says:

I only watch this for Ebro ;)

Tony santiago says:

Ebro is killing the statio!

Larnell Brown says:

Cap 1 Looking ass bitches #chitown
Katie got Bandz – Y U MAD
King Louie -Tony

bevon keith says:

Hip Hop Jewelz. 4 artist who want to make their mark on music. Cool azz
videos known and unknown submit your videos. and like what this about

AllThingsExciting says:

I love this segment of Hot97, you guys should put up a playlist of Battle
of The Beats on Spotify and all major streaming apps if possible! Keep up
the great work. 

Lonnie Flynn says:

Woody from toy story. Haaaaaa!!

Behzey2fly says:

1. Persian Rugs – PARTYNEXTDOOR
2. Looking ass bitches – Cassidy rmx
3. Drunk in love – The Weeknd rmx
4. Dispensary – Wiz Khalifa ft. Chevy Woods & Berner
5. Bodega Bamz – Recap

new wavy songs #Behzey

@Javie_Air says:

No Weeknd Drunk in Love Remix?

mav rick says:

Yo am I late wit that…. Lol

southjerseysfinest says:

yall need to pick some better songs,like colors of you by talib kweli beat
by jdilla (r.i.p.)

G. Stanfield says:

Wtf is that Asian chick doing in the background at the 2:28 – 2:35 mark?? 

Gilbert Duarte says:

Bald bitch gots to go ASAP 

spcooper94 says:

Thot by Game’s the best song they mentioned

oss1 says:

thanks for the change big up ebro!

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