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Battle of the Beats: Music Meeting EP8 S2


Josh V says:

HERB >>>>

Bryan Aikens says:

Good beat. Typical rap lyrics. You gotta sell your personality on social
media to stand out these days.

Mark steers says:

ebro’s old ass with the head bounce haha!

Sham Harv says:

Name of Brittany Sky’s hoody? 

icre8lookz says:

my dude LIL SNS!!

babygiirl1920 says:

can someone start writing all of the songs in the info box so I can
purchase it on iTunes. thanks

Tony Lee says:

Put Andy mineo in!!!

John Doe says:

Why they sh*tN on Rosenberg? EBRO is the dude that need to sit down. If he
the boss why don’t he act like one and just fall back. 

Deshon Sanders says:

BlastPhaMe(Official Video) – Souljah from #NWLA 

Samuel Izelo says:

I never miss none if these battle meetings, I get a good laugh and get the
latest good music….but y’all need to put on my dude Joe Budden up in the

Dee Jay says:

Fly girl, Karlie hustle so sexy

cokewave29 says:

They was tryna play With Lil Herb .. Its G Herbo Not J 

Jalen Johnson says:

Its the homie kaz from jumpoff wow the good ole days 

ronald akinsehinwa says:

still f^^^^ed up

noslen2010 says:

What was the vince staples song? I couldn’t hear the title and I’m

Joe Hadden says:

maan jen from Brooklyn is sexy

peter quinn says:

No 50 cent?

icetoocold0428 says:


San Geta says:

I’m first nigga what say something I’m giving up on y’all

Derrick Baah says:

Rip to venny twitter Lls 

I comment what you're thinking! says:

No one put 50 Cent – The Funeral in there 

teebuzz a mac says:

They plAying wack ass artist 

teebuzz a mac says:

Curren$y mixtape is crazy

Drew Jonathan says:

Chillin bloggers

BigL BkNy says:

its funny almost everyone they named are wack ass mainstream artist. So
when they gonna name some hip hop 

Ras Tafari says:

LIl herbs Fazoland is so dope

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