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Battle of the Beats: Music Meeting EP9 S2


Benji Shonubi says:

Cyhi Da Pryce just brought out a new mixtape and gets no love. The lyrics,
flows and metaphors are unreal. You could even go british and listen to
P-Money – Mad! Bloody hell

ThePdmd1 says:

karlie talking about hip hop annoys me for some reason

Ernest Potts says:

Brittany Sky is beautiful

Ahsan B.C Sherringtion says:

Diani can geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ate (it).

devuche1 says:

that “i feel that track” is wack

Devonta Fortune says:

Hello all, i will ask for some help from you guys/gals. I am a 19 year old
Aspiriring HipHop Artist from Maryland.. Please check out my music on
SoundCloud Thank you for your time :)

Divine Justice says:

Turnup arms!!

billy vizzle says:

School boy studio that’s a banger!

Aaron Bell says:

Haha Rosenberg’s turn up game is crazy 

Sharod Boogette says:

fuck all these songs. I gotta thang for karlie hustle sexy ass lol

billy vizzle says:

Yo tell the chick in pink too holla at me I like her!

Accepent says:

Hop off Schoolboy Q’s dick Rosenberg. Studio isn’t gonna be a smash hit

Black Minimalist says:

CyHi’s “Mandela” needs to be in there. No song that they mentioned goes as
hard as that. The beat on it is crazy

ronald akinsehinwa says:

Andy Mineo song never land

artfulgooner says:

Rosenberg needs to be thrown in the trash.

Bob Farts says:

I been listening to studio

niquenaque2007 says:

Ebro your dick looks huge.. now your sexy to me i had no clue ;)

BlackDynamite1983 says:

“Once you go white you go right”smh What a coon

will johnson says:

Why the fuck is Studio being pushed so hard it fucking sucks and is so
easily is a forced single that Q didn’t want to make it doesn’t fit the
griminess and honesty of the rest of oxymoron has. Corny ass concept that’s
been done too many times. Rosenberg should have not gone with the song that
is going to be on the radio regardless and chose a song like Los Awesome
because it’s fucking dope and I can see it being played on the radio if it
was pushed more. 

tlig says:

Their staff all look poorly-paid. I get the feeling many of them are
interns (and kept that way for years).

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