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Battlefield Lessons for Today’s Corporate Leaders


David Gitonga says:

When you understand what the boss is thinking, then you can act with smart
autonomy. In other words, if the objectives are clearly understood, a
lieutenant can write the strategy.

John Menezes says:

Lessons in Leadership From Warlord 6: A Chat With Lieutenant General John
Vines (RET) with Peter Levine, Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Lieutenant General Vines is allegedly the only person to have caused
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to lose his voice after screaming at him
in two separate occasions in two different wars.

In this video he discusses (1) How Leadership is Different than Management;
(2) The Concept of Leadership Awareness; (3) Identification of Catastrophic
Risk; (4) Development of McChrystal Group’s concept of Shared
Consciousness; and (5) Veteran Talent with an introduction by Don Faul –
Head of Operations of Pinterest and former Marine.

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Link to Peter Levine’s blog post

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David Gitonga says:

Battlefield Lessons:

A conversation with John Vines, Lieutenant General (ret.) of the United
States Army and Peter Levine, Partner at Andreessen Horowitz.

“Leadership is not about individual excellence, its about aggregating the
knowledge, skills, and virtues of the entire organization. So, the leader
is not necessarily the most competent in any one of those, but is the one
who can bring out the aggregate best of the organization.”

AndreessenHorowitz says:

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