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Be careful


enormoose says:

They have very large noses

ThindlersLisp says:

Their lack of necks unrationally disturbs me

ReppinChicagofromMI says:

That is, of course, possible. But based on the “no reason” response as opposed to giving a reason, I’d be hard pressed to accept that

kapteinsabeltann says:


Hibi says:

Is that kid flipping him off?

kungfuman says:

This will be me.

andrewstnh says:

Guy on the left looks like the Prime Minister of Canada. But only when he’s old, not when he’s young and awesome.

SwordBuddha says:

I made it a point to learn from my parent’s mistakes. Then I made a completely different series of fuck-ups.

WhereLBJsNutsHang says:

That was the day I realized I’m not longer “a kid”. Hearing my parent’s war stories (IE: puking in the bushes drunk at 16) scarred me.

AstronautMakingPaninis says:

not really overprotective, seems perfectly reasonable to me

jazzmyn1372 says:

If you will be explaining it later in the ER as “it seemed like a good idea at the time” don’t do it.

Renverse says:

Frustrating when you point it out to them and their only excuse is “Well I’m your mum/dad”. SO WHAT? Ugh.

Frostmycupcakes says:

I glanced at the word careful and saw cartel. I expected a drug joke lol.

agdd says:

Easy there caption

rifrafa says:

I have done so many stupid things in my youth that i am going to be the most overprotective father ever.

chikinthechiken says:

My kid and I in a nutshell.

missionfail82 says:

One time my dad wanted to go to the pub but my mum said he had to stay home and eat dinner with us and she took his shoes to make sure[1/2]

missionfail82 says:

that he stayed. To get around it, he jumped out the bedroom window and ran to the pub in barefeet. [2/2]

susannerchristi says:

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