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Be Glad You’re Not One Of These 25 Unfortunate And Traumatized People

Nobody wants to be the recipient of anything remotely close to what these poor unfortunate people experienced. But, if you must be the bearer of someone’s lunch, punch, kick, or otherwise thoughtful prank; might as well take pictures and let the whole world laugh with you, (or, as in our case, laugh at you). Just be glad you’re not one of these 25 unfortunate and traumatized people.

25. Go home tooth, you’re drunk

24. That’s one way to get someone off your bed.

23. I don’t know whats worse, the fact that a baseball just knocked you out, or that a cute girl is laughing at the fact that a baseball just knocked you out

22. Kung Fun Panda fail

21. I’m sure they will never forget their wedding day

20. Best alarm clock ever

19. Best friends share everything, even their lunches

18. This is not going to end well

17. Drinking with swag, minus the swag and drink

16. When you can’t “hold it”, it just might make you do something like this

15. It’s not good enough to just drink the beer

14. Air shot!

13. This will teach him to steal the girl

12. At least they’ll be cooler

11. Photo puke bomb

10. Sorry honey, that’s not confetti coming at ya

9. Cheers!

8. Oh. My. God…

7. Giiiiirl, your hair needs some moisture. Here let me help.

6. This hurts just looking at it

5. Look mom! No sense!

4. No second date for you

3. Epic selfie

2. Hose and beer just don’t mix

1. That’s one way to break up an otherwise romantic moment

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