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BEAT KINGS: The History of Hip Hop [Full Documentary] [HD]


DJ Revolver says:

I think everybody in the is film had their time. With the exception of Rza,
Just Blaze, and Swizz. Non of these guys are relevant. Which makes them
talking about technology funny. If they had evolved with it they may still
be relevant 

Ryan Chambers says:

great doc, but they definitely only focused on New York producers and with
good reason seeing as the game began in New York. Just wish they would of
included some of the other influential cats from other areas.

mr iron lung says:

Interestin watch

Invisable_Influence says:


Ciaran Boylan says:

Great documentary

stussy says:


Raul Valles says:

0:55 who is that?

Marcelo12 says:

Amazing thanks man

caio morais says:

Awesome see this!

GrindAffiliatez says:

kevin aviles says:

just blaze needs to get a new chair aha!

matt Curtis says:

Know your history

Brandon Michaels says:

Glad I found this on youtube! thanks for sharing.

SoulAssassinz36 says:

what is the track at 4:52

SoulAssassinz36 says:

can someone tell me the beat or track @ 4.52

KiN CAMELL says:


Mag-nito Muzik says:

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