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Been a member for 24 hours and got 8 reputation, ballin


whyliethisismysecondaccount says:

I’ll throw you a pity up vote. Take it young one

Heiligkind says:

Have an upvote for this being the only scene in that movie that I really liked. 🙂

imgurisfulloftwats says:

You now have 20+ rep. enjoy it young one.

OvaryQuiver says:

Didn’t we just downvote a guy for this same thing?

vigilantwalrus says:

you got my upvote for the hooker

professoryeti says:

My wife couldn’t think of “making it rain” so she called it “doing dollars”. That’s pretty much my favorite thing ever now.

theholiestofholes says:

Which movie is this, btw?

TheMadPeruvian says:

you have a future here

pagingdoctorloggins says:

you’re on fire.

omgdumbstarbucks says:

The gif stopped right before he turned super saiyan…

beefstu says:

I see posts like this and think, gosh I could have made this, I could get these points, but then I just click next.

slapstickslackers says:

Bad grandpa

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