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Behold, The Trailer For Topher Grace’s One-Movie Edit Of “Star Wars” Prequels

After privately screening the 85-minute Star Wars recut in 2012, Grace has finally released a trailer for the project on his new pop culture website, Cereal Prize.

1. Former That ’70s Show actor and budding online media tycoon Topher Grace launched a pop culture website Cereal Prize earlier this month.


2. In a post entitled Redux of the Jedi, Grace wrote:

So many people asked me about this cut last week that I wanted to share this video. It’s only the Evite I sent out for the screening but it’s probably the most I’ll ever be able show.



Watch the short trailer for Star Wars Episode III.5: The Editor Strikes Back here.

Does this mean the Internet at large will soon be able to witness what a streamlined, Jar Jar-less Star Wars prequel? Grace doesn’t seem to think so, but I find his lack of faith disturbing.

May the Force be with us.

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