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Best Seller

A former hit man for a corporate big shot wants a police detective/novelist to write about his life.

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Anonymous says:

Story of two great guys with a character flaw each I’m still thinking about how much I liked the two of them and how exciting it was to find out what they would do next.You can’t hate a guy for wanting respect (James Woods)t. You have to admire his intelligence and technique for getting what he wants, and flashes of sophisticated humor in the process.You can’t hate Brian Dennehy – he’s got that kind of face. I only faintly disapproved of the way he solved the conflict between his duty as a cop and his duty to his…

Anonymous says:

Excellent 1980’s B movie But it’s James Woods as a psycho killer, how bad can it be? There was a time when James Woods was your go-to guy if you needed a psycho killer but couldn’t afford Walken, Malkovich or even Nic Cage, the big-time star who stands beside freeway entrances with a home-made cardboard sign, “Will Act For Money”.James Woods, with the extra intensity that can boost a routine hit man story from meh to maniac. In “Best Seller”, he definitely brought it, even if the story is pretty dumb even…

Anonymous says:

Very entertaining B movie about a police officer/author played by Brian Dennehy who is suffering from writer’s block after the death of his wife and being hounded by bill collectors and his publisher. Possible salvation comes in the form of James Woods who claims to be a hit man responsible for dozens of murders that were written off as accidents, all in the service of one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the city. At first Dennehy assumes Woods is a nut but he is able to provide a…

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