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Best Seller Slime Trio (3 x 4oz) Plus FREE 2oz Activator Spray by Artistic Slimez – Perfect Slime Bundle

This is a trio of some of my “Best Sellers”: Unicorn Birthday Cake, “Cookies and Cream” Floam, and Watermelon Taffy. You get the crunch from the Oreo floam, the softness of the watermelon, the fun of the Unicorn Birthday Cake and the convenience of the FREE activator! All scented slimes with charms. This trio will be shipped Priority Mail so you will get it fast.

What you get:

• One 4oz Unicorn Birthday Cake: This is a super stretchy thick base, with a nice fruity bubble gum-y scent – just like you would expect a Unicorn birthday cake to be. It has all type of layers of texture given by the different beads and foam pieces, it also come with a super cute lollipop charm.

• One 4oz: Cookies & Cream floam: This is a very crunchy, stretchy slime and it smells just like the name! I can’t get my hands off this one, I love the texture, it pops, it clicks, it’s all you want in a floam. The scent is like having a bag of Cookies and Cream open just in front of you! 😋

• One 4oz Watermelon Taffy: This is a very nice spreadable butter slime! It is very soft, stretchy, and the scent is out of this world!!

• One 2oz This is the activator that I use for most of my slimes, it’s just a plain solution of water and borax. I love this presentation because it’s so convenient! No heating of water or mixing any borax – just open the lid and it’s ready to go. Make sure that you spray lightly until you get your slime back in shape.

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