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Beta Omega Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho 2013


Gloria Parker says:

I love SGR and my soRHOrs . Seriously this video needs to be removed . 

Gloria Parker says:

OMG !!!! What in God’s name ????? 

Spadesz93 says:

For the sake of Mary Lou and all the crew, take this monstrosity down.

Storm_1922 says:

For the love of Mary Lou. Why! Where is the advisor ? 

begevt says:

This isn’t about them being big girls, this is about terrible stepping and
poor choice in clothing. Their prophytes should have saw this and said nah,
we not going out like this. Do better sistergreeks!

tp2005 says:

No comment on this show…but kudos to the audience…they were very mature
and courteous. lol

casius caligula says:

Really fat people should never do anything choreographed. God doesn’t like

Dionysius Hall says:

Wtf did I just watch?!!! 

Marva Robinson says:

But why!

Cocoa Crosby says:

Is this real?!?

Vincent Anthony says:

But wait why were the two dudes strolling with them?! 

betty ag says:

I really thought those were “fat suits”…


As a Sigma lady, I must say that this is not cute and it needs to be taken

imwarr5 says:

Omg!!! My eyes are bleeding

S Bryant says:

Another L for the Rhos. Just when they were getting over #OmegaRho.

Bria Cox says:

Thats not a fat suit?!

Pepper Tarver says:

I want to close my mouth. This is so ungood *hits grammar bell* I am
sooooooooo embarrassed for them and the organization. 

Tina HaHa says:


Marva Robinson says:
Cornelius Green says:


Eugene Boatright says:


warrenaaw12 says:

Did she just drop the cane?!?!? Omgosh hunny I would not let them go out
like that

Taneshia King says:

Ok, I had to stop watching because I was feeling some kind of way. I
thought back to the ladies from the Omega Rho chapter and just wondered
where are their prophytes. THey had a lot of courage and thick skin. Kudos
for the confidence!!

Michael McDowell says:

This is bad..

Nae Norris says:

Some of my Big Sisters are big girls but they’re not sloppy steppers and
they’re always on point. This right here is horrible… Another loss for
the SGRhos smh. I wish my favs Beta Up could see this, they’d be ashamed. 

pegsterr says:

I’m on a high School step team. WE STEP WAY HARDER THEN THEM. Smh 

youll wishy says:

hunny that show was a scandal. someone called live to see what is in the

Kadeisha West says:

This is a joke sorors! Right?

SethChillis says:


Marquet Landry says:

This was a complete set up from beginning to end. I couldn’t deal at all
who’s responsible for this 

youll wishy says:


tahlia wynn says:

as a sigma woman i
am soooo beyond embarrassed 

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