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Beta Psi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Yard Show Spring 2014


Alexia Mitchell says:

One of the girls was like “get that Camera off me” Honestly you an AKA,
love the camera girl you pretty! Cameras are a pretty girls best friend

arbary williams says:

Beatriz is working it out!

QueenHeart4U says:

Go Sorors!

A'Deija Slater says:

what song is this at the end ? 

Alexis Howard says:

They Did That

sean mac says:


Marvin Price says:
Sunny says:

according to what I just read Chris took a plea deal earlier this month and as near as I can tell it has him serving 12 more years. However, the conviction in this case is for voluntary maanuslghter not 2nd degree murder so I believe he would be eligible for parole.

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