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Beyond the Brown Paper Bag Test: Panel Part 8


Northern Light says:

I think Puerto Ricans in fact understand ethnicity much better than
Americans. They dont deny any part of their background. Why the hell they
should identify as being black. Afrocentric bullshit. Pure ignorance –
nothing more. The fact is that they are mix of ethnic groups and mix of
cultures. Mainly Spanish, Taino and West-African. What is the problem here?

Some people in the panel dont know anything about European cultures or
African cultures. South-European catholics are very different from
North-European protestants and East-European Orthodox Christians. Russians
are very flexible with time.

This conservation was just stupid stereotypes and Ignorance. Most people in
this world identify with their culture and not their skin color. And that
is a good thing. Its a shame that America is spreading their race

Jack Thomp says:

Are you fucking stupid? What is good about being on time? Spoken like a
true loser. One of the common attributes of all successful people is that
they view their time as a precious resource. Being on time demonstrates
that you are diligent and dependable. Indicates that you honor your
commitments and you can be trusted. Shows that you have respect for other
people and that you care as much about their time as your own.

OM3designs says:

Where’s part 9

lajablesse says:

The concept of circular time is interesting on a whole! Being “late” for
everything is also found in South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Southeast
Asian cultures. It’s not a uniquely African-descendent thing.

Honey Ness says:

@Thedarksecret1 Being on time for something is a european concept, have you
ever kinda thought to yourself- what is really so good about being on time?
Doing things when you FEEL to do them is more of an Afrocentric concept.
people are most motivated & convicted & real if they do what they want to.
This theme runs through all the artistic expressions that Blacks have
invented frm Be Bop to Garage to Samba to Trip Hop frm Belly Dancing to
Rock N Roll its all about FEEL, EMOTION, PASSION & SOUL

anonomiss says:

@cccadi where is part 9???? :((

sweetlipz223 says:

No posting of Part 9? 🙁

JoAnn Nash says:

So true! CP time is also known as Chinese time. This I know from close

Thedarksecret1 says:

@Applebaum Yeah, that’s probably why we’re so behind right now.

Thedarksecret1 says:

I don’t understand what the fuck she is talking about when she speaks on
black people’s circular time as opposed to white people’s linear time. She
says that it’s universal but it isn’t. I’m black and I’m on time.

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