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Big Ang Meets Snooki + Boob Jobs + VH1


shahinkhare021 says:

snooki your gonna look just like her when your older lmao

teresa perez says:


platinumblondebiatch says:

what plastic surgeon would do surgery on a woman 3 months after having a

gurtobe says:

I think big ang is funny

dom mi says:

You don’t count. If a woman doesn’t want to breast feed she doesn’t have to.

jacqueline wilson says:

snooki looks better then big ang big ang looks so so so ugly wwhy did she
have to get a lot of plasticsugere that women might be a man big ang if you
look at this and think i am a hater and im i look better than you who
agrees with me on you tube

gotiger10 says:

big ang is smoking a blunt

stoffmiester says:

is she smoking a thin blunt?

DJDLeanHDTvidz says:


catseye664 says:

Ever heard of Similac? Its a baby formula, you dweeb. And FYI, not all
women can breast feed. Look it up. They make baby formula for a reason, so
you dont have to go through the pain of breast feeding.

fog dust says:

i think its mc donalds snooki eating

Jazmyn Edmonds says:

shes talking about boob jobs while preggers lol and big ang is just smoking
besides her. Lord help this baby.

Young Tone says:

i think thats a blunt

j beers says:

I love how ang is just smoking beside the pregnant snookie lol

fog dust says:

big ang smokes more cigarettes!

TheBoggypolarbear says:

i do

gonlaura says:

the irony: breast were meant to breast feed

dahercool says:

this ang woman scares me

misst1078 says:

😐 smh lol

proanti1 says:

I know it’s not nice to laugh at the mentally handicapped, but I just
couldn’t help myself.

MAYH3M0NE says:

almost as ironic as the failure of natural selection which allows these two
to survive

Carolina Rodriguez says:

Lmfaooooo I love her

angelartimmons says:

I love her!! Can’t wait for her show!

snookiebomb says:

is big ang smoking a blunt???KUSH TYPE OF SHIT!!

catseye664 says:

its a type of cigarette/cigar. its not a blunt.

DeloDaBoss says:

BIG ANG BII Blaze dat shit!!!

dom mi says:

who the hell cares?

LuciafreakinJo says:

“That’s for animals, not for me” — big ang on breast feeding ! AGREED! Lol

strongbrave says:

BIG ANG, scares the shit outta me

Xxviking_sinisterxX says:

This woman never stops to amaze me.

MsAnge3l says:

OMG what is she eating :S i mean snooking

nawal10 says:

that’s for animals not for me??? Well I can see that she’s beyond an
animal…wtf is this creature doing on Earth…even ET wouldn’t take her to
his planet they’d all get freaked out!

Jamie TewCutee says:

ii feel like thats for animals not me…..please you are an animal

Victor Voong says:

Snooki said “you know, you gotta eat healthy and watch what you eat when
your pregnant” what are you eating right now?

Dorothy Catalano says:

Yo goils goil girlies ya gota breast feed its all the science of the
sucking the kid needs from th mother.. omg. the baby gets ocytocin that way
only sucklin from the mamma not the bottle it ainn’t warm all over….
don’t calm the kid … READ oh boy I’m dissapointed but maybe she don’t
drink or whatever I like Big Ang & Snookie I saw Big Ang in 1978 when i
lived in Bklyn. At a bar.

sahara dessert says:

she stay gettin high, men

djfakt says:

I don’t know who that big trans-woman is but she’s ignorant as HELL…Hey,
knock-knock, we ARE animals, you imbecile!!! Exactly the kind of “woman”
who’s too selfish to breastfeed. Only the selfish and immature don’t
breastfeed; it’s EXACTLY what every newborn needs.

Moochie589 says:

lmfao big ang don’t give a shit!

Da Vinci says:

Is she smoking infront of Snooki while she’s pregnant? >_>

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