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Black People, Brown Skin Inheritance: Is Colorism Reversed Racism?


MrMiamiswaggz305 says:

Crazy cause I seen a diversity chart, there was 9 different whites and one
black person representing thee most diverse people on the planet. European
and Asian genetics are closer linked then West and East Africans 

RastafariSabbathical says:

Black People’s Brown Skin Inheritance or Curse: Colorism or Reversed

july95211 says:

NON-africans are NOT Out Of Africa; the African Women’s race are Dark
brown/brown, ANYTHING lighter is mixed; African is NOT diverse, diversity
leads to extinction.
White Caucasians ARE diverse, because Somalians, Ethiopians, Asians,
Indians, Arabs, Italians, Latinos, Spanish, So-called Jews, Modern
Egyptians and mixed races are ALL Caucasians
With Admixture; ALL NON-africans are Various stages of this Recssive
caucasian race; Caucasian people are a heavily mixed race that has become
recessive due to genetically altering their genes. Diversity means hybrid

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