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Black Snake Moan


Anonymous says:

In a Gutsy Tale, Drenched in Sultry Mississippi Blues, 4 Powerful Characters Engage in Some Heavy-Duty Healing The term and title comes from Blind Lemon Jefferson’s 1927 song. For Lazarus Redd (Samuel Jackson), a broken man, once revered bluesman, it’s the constant painful voice in his head. What that’s about, you’ll discover. At the beginning of the story, his wife leaves him, and he’s doing some serious drinking in response, though that’s likely a longstanding behavior and the cause of his career’s end. Contemporaneously, he discovers a young woman, lying in the road to his house, severely beaten…

Anonymous says:

So Mad that the Poster Made Me Avoid This For So Long

Anonymous says:

His singing is actually not bad at all – great to see him in something …

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