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Body Drench Spray Quick Tan Tanning Mist Sunless Self Tanner 3 Pack

Body Drench understands that sometimes you just do not have time for the beach. This is why they have made a fabulous sunless tanning mist! It is the ultimate ultra bronzing sunless tanner on the market. This mist is a fast-drying formula that gives the most natural-looking tan in a flash while hydrating the skin with botanicals leaving your skin supple and moisturized with a light scent of cocoa.

Product Features

  • Easy at home spray application.
  • Cocoa vanilla scent
  • TIP: Quick tan tanning mist can be applied as often as twice a week.

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brooke cicale says:

Best product ever I consider myself an expert fake-tanner. I have used so many different products I cannot even begin to count, I even own my own airbrush tanning machine. Quicktan exceeds any other product I have ever had. when I found it, I instantly fell in love. It dries in under five minutes, smells decent, looks AWESOME and lasts a decently long time. I don’t mind spray tanning anymore, it’s not a nuisance. I can even put quicktan on under my makeup, which is a big deal if I need to look good quickly. I…

Betty says:

Best I’ve tried 🙂 I’ve tried many tanning products from cheap to expensive and this is my favorite. I, however, apply it differently. I don’t like standing in the shower to spray it or laying down a towel or blanket to catch all the spray/mist that lands on the floor. First, I lotion the palm of my hands and then a body part like my arm. Then I spray a couple stripes down and around my arm and rub it in quickly. I do my whole body in sections this way and it’s relatively quick. I do wash my hands and…

Lisa says:

Immediate color I apply this stuff once a week. Quick drying and immediate color. The instant color is nice because you can see exactly where it is going. This makes it goof-proof.

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