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Boris Johnson Throws Tiny Football, Becomes Meme

Reddit has fun with a typically awkward Boris picture.

Here’s a photo of Boris Johnson preparing to throw a ball.

Here's a photo of Boris Johnson preparing to throw a ball.

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REX USA/Julian Makey / Rex

The photo is actually from August 2010, and shows the Mayor of London taking part in the Paralympic sport Boccia. Now, thanks to a Reddit Photoshop battle, it has resurfaced.

1. Mario Kart Boris.

Mario Kart Boris.

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itzameluigip / Via

2. Grenade-throwing Boris.

Grenade-throwing Boris.

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Ragejefa / Via

3. Kitten-hurling Boris.

Kitten-hurling Boris.

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Arctoslupus / Via

4. Simian Boris.

Simian Boris.

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TiddyWaffles312 / Via

5. Outside your window Boris.

Outside your window Boris.

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Ness- / Via

6. Gorilla Boris.

Gorilla Boris.

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InnieBear / Via

7. And the inevitable faceswap.

And the inevitable faceswap.

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I_eatprostitutes / Via

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