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BoxWave Universal to American Outlet Plug Adapter – With Ground Pin – Plug outlet adapter to USA with 3rd Grounding Pin- Great for Traveling! (Black)

Use the Universal to American Outlet Plug Adapter with your Wall Charger to charge your handheld in America.

Product Features

  • Converts plugs from any country into a three prong, grounded American plug
  • One multi-country three prong outlet plug adapter
  • Lightweight and compact, perfect for travelers

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Anonymous says:

BoxWave Universal to American Outlet Plug Adapter…Review The converter is great for American ungrounded plugs. However, we had a UK guest who preferred to be grounded…can’t blame a person for wanting to bve safe! So, we kept this kit and bought a three-pronged UK-to-American, three p!ug power strip. The thing to keep in mind is if the device-in-question needs a voltage converter vs a “gender-bender” adapter. You might need a UK 220/240 to US 110/120 converter. Read the voltage label to be sure. Normally small appliances like shavers,…

Anonymous says:

It broke in one week and I had fire.

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