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Brandon Darby’s naked snake fight [photo]!/Stranahan/status/330424468814065664

Breitbart News writer Brandon Darby says he fought a snake in his bathroom. Naked.

You’re welcome, ladies.

This creature was in my towel and our interaction ended my bathing experience abruptly…

— Brandon Darby (@brandondarby) May 3, 2013

Winner: Darby.

I just jumped out of the shower and fought and killed a 3 ft snake in my bathroom while I was naked. #OnlyInTexas

— Brandon Darby (@brandondarby) May 3, 2013

One follower offers a warning:

@tark31 @brandondarbyhate to say this but this time of yr usually means – if there’s one, there’s more 👀

— ► COGoddess ◄ (@coloradorebecca) May 3, 2013

Darby is prepared.

@coloradorebecca @tark31 Then I will kill more

— Brandon Darby (@brandondarby) May 3, 2013

@ewerickson @stranahan It was a rat snake. They fight and sound like a rattler. I was worried about certain things. Now I feel like Conan

— Brandon Darby (@brandondarby) May 3, 2013


@brandondarby Two proofs you are no longer a leftist: you kill snakes and you bathe.

— Jackson (@jackson_clan) May 3, 2013

Days like this make me wish @katiepavlich was here to protect me. She would’ve shot that snake with her AR-15.

— Brandon Darby (@brandondarby) May 3, 2013

I’m pretty sure that snake was an anarchist or somehow a supporter of the Occupy movement.

— Brandon Darby (@brandondarby) May 3, 2013

(Hat tip: Lee Stranahan)

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