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Brown Gold Single Origin Coffee Capsules, 100% Sumatran, 24 Count

Brown Gold 100% Sumatran is a bold roast ground coffee that is unique and full bodied with earthy and rustic notes

Product Features

  • 24 Single-Serve Recylable Coffee Capsules
  • Brown Gold 100% Sumatran is a bold roast ground coffee that is unique and full bodied with earthy and rustic notes
  • Real Cup pours perfect taste straight into your cup. Its special brewing process is both art and science, making sure each sip delivers the unique flavor notes and body of your favorite blends.
  • Brown Gold’s 100% single origin coffee is carefully hand-picked, custom roasted in small batches, and tested by the world’s highest coffee authorities

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Anonymous says:

Rich and Not Bitter If you like bold but not bitter Sumatra is you coffee. That one can get so much flavor our of a K-Cup is a wonder.This has been my daily afternoon coffee since I first tasted it — replacing (for reason of price) my other K-Cup favorite, Pete’s Major Dickason’s.I’m hoping it will remain so. But Amazon seems to have a habit of offering good coffees at a fair price and then booting the price step-by-step until it is out of reach — starting the search for me all over…

Anonymous says:

Keurig-Klogging K-Cups I really didn’t want to believe it to be true, but I have objectively determined that it is. These K-Cups are clogging my Keurig (Platinum B70).I have only tried the Costa Rican variety, and unlike some reviewers, the flavor of this K-Cup is exactly what I wanted. That makes it only that much harder to abandon them. Naturally, I’ve only made matters worse by ordering a second box of 48 of these a mere 10 days after placing the first order for same, because I enjoyed drinking the…

Anonymous says:

Half the pack is “mild” (almost decaf?) – won’t wake you up I like the variety, but heads-up for serious coffee drinkers: the orange and the green are “Mild” and essentially decaf. So, only half this shipment will actually wake you up in the morning. The blue/yellow are the only dark roasts here; I think the yellow (Ethiopian) has a fuller/richer taste, and the Brazilian (blue) is a little more bitter. I liked the variety pack for the sake of trying different things, but I had to toss half of it because it wasn’t waking me up. I now exclusively…

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