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BTG: Todd and Daisy


BeeeardedMan says:

have*. Fuck me

JRobi49 says:

From reddit: “It’s dead, FYI. That’s just an underdeveloped fetus.”

BestSkierOnTheMountain says:

Wow, anti-climax at it’s finest

fogdancer says:

Not funny a poor and defenseless animal tied in a motorcycle

javaknowledge says:

wow…that was a LOT of friggin build up for a stuped gif. My day is now ruined.

TheChinamanIsNotTheIssue says:


Borcsika says:


tombosleyV2 says:

most Impressive Btg I’ve Seen Yet

TK421isAFK says:

But so worth it! This felt like a 4chan post that totally trolls you into song lyrics. Didn’t even see this one coming.

TheRealJohnSmith says:

Hell isnt holy.

stonaaar says:

This is why you’re still a virgin

AcadiaEinstein says:

I wondered why some people complained about putting in the title. Thanks for explaining. I’ll know for next time. 🙂

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