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Cabbie Presents: Nas

It’s been 20 years since the release of Nas’ iconic hip hop album, “Illmatic”. In this conversation, Nas speaks with Cabbie about one of his heroes Mike Tyso…

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supernintendolper says:

wow you guys got NAS on TSN ….whats next Jay Z

thehotgoalie says:

Nas looks super thrilled be interviewed. 

Property Of September says:

Since “Illmatic->It was written->I am->Nastradamus”, that was a puzzle and
trilogy…those 4 unique albums if you noticed his face on the cover up
close is always looking at you.

jakeonethird says:

This interview dumb as hell save these disrespectful questions for the
young niggas. Ask nas something he can actually answer, not if he met mike
tysons tigers

Woofer Cooker says:

Dayum ill will matic is a crazy title

Tony Bryant says:

“Oh…its a trilogy”

Smh you can tell he didnt like that shit. Niggas need to leave Illmatic
alone and just let it be…He was what…16 17 when started making it ?
smh. Hes fucking 40. let Illmatic be what it is. No need to keep pushing

akaprince343 says:

im finna cop killbillmatic

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