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Canine Companions Show Us All What True Love Looks Like. Amazing.

When two dogs got themselves into a dangerous situation, they proved that dogs DO love unconditionally – even for other dogs. These two dogs were in China’s Hunan province when one accidentally fell into a hole inside of an alley.

Her companion proved just how loyal and loving dogs can be.

After his companion fell into a deep gutter, the white dog refused to leave her side.

He guarded where he fell, barking and trying to bring help for his friend.

He was by her side for over 10 hours.

His barking woke up a 77 year-old nearby. At first, she went back to sleep… but he was still there hours later, so she called for help.

A local man named Hei Ge gained the big male’s trust and then slowly fished the female out from the deep crevice she fell into.

Once she was free, both dogs were visibly happy to be reunited.

As soon as the bigger male dog knew his companion was okay, they made their way home.

As they ran down the street, they could be seen joyously playing with each other.

Dogs are wonderful creatures, capable of love and forgiveness that most humans couldn’t even dream about having. If you were moved, you should share this and let other people see the touching story.


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