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Capitalism Gone Wild


Bernard Tremblay says:

from *Harvard Business Review*

David Flint says:

she would be great for a stuiudent/teacher fantasy 😉

David Flint says:

@FCmagic01 it is true however, that it could come from collaboration, for
example, wal marts supply chain

mindnumber9 says:

so, in short – everyone wants to be rich and secure their means to be rich,
at any cost. i see the problem.

digitVIEW says:

Could you please define capitalism vs democracy. Do capitalism and
democracy in the conflict?

David Flint says:

very informative video… great insight. however, not good for the pockets
of leading financial industry businesses’ top executives.. which is what i
aspire to be

Pierre Fred Walter says:

I think it makes much sense what the speaker is saying. In broader terms,
it means that the economic value system has to be redifined, or more
precisely, and based on an ethical perspective of capitalism (that did not
exist back in the 19th century, for example), the main parameters of the
capitalist system have to be rethought and redifined. This is a matter of
socioeconomic policy making, part of a responsible government to take
action on.

Metsada007 says:

Capitalism has failed, that we know.

David Flint says:

@digitVIEW capatalism is an economic system, democracy is a political system

MsMar108 says:

Cooperation gives bigger effects than competition I think, at least when
the motivation to achieve is the same in both examples so it’s better use
of resources. It might happen that somebody have higher motivation cause of
competing with others and be lazy when there is no competition, like when
they have monopoly. I think that both are needed competition and
cooperative innovation and both they give better effects than any of them

SLONA MU says:

This lady is so removed from reality – it is funny! It is not competition
and demands for ROI, but the collusion of finance with government – thus
creating an oligarchy protected by the government and subsidized by the tax
payer. We need a bloody revolution to get some of those heads off…

JinJinnJinny says:

@basmithtx You can’t really read up on it when economics is like math, you
have to do the problems if you are to know more about it. Economics is
currently my major at the University of Toronto and so I do know a good bit
of what I’m talking about when it comes to Keynes vs. Austrianism. I
totally agree with you though, although I disagree with much I am learning
right now at school, I am still learning it because 1) I need the marks and
2) So I can know why I disagree with it.

zutroy1 says:

Why do all the Ivory Tower types have to call what is clearly statist
garbage “capitalism”. In what way are gov’t bailout capitalism? In what way
is the atrocious American buy&sell political system capitalism? In what way
is the rampant violation of all contract law in the US capitalism? A first
year student from your university could clearly explain that the crux of
the problems which are suffocating the US are from the state and not
whatsoever any form of real or even academic capitalism

Ritt Momney says:

i can’t fap to this

thomasey2 says:

I liked the rational.

JinJinnJinny says:

Of course all the Keynesian Economists from Harvard, Princeton, etc were
able to see this whole financial crisis coming right? What a joke, I’ll
continue reading up Austrian Economics and learn the truth.

Morgan Hale says:

She’s relating Capitalism to a peacocks tail?!

2leet2cheet says:

Sometimes I wonder if these academics believe the things they say.

David Flint says:

i bet raegan didnt foresee jobs being shipped out of the US

David Flint says:

based on the title i thought she was going to pull her titties out

thomasey2 says:

every system, has a termination date as a life cycle . So does ideas and
concepts too. Survival and continuity can not be the same as envisioned in
the past. Learning is observing this changes. what we see today is already
gone. but the mind with no eyes can make the future. Thank you Julia Kirby,
great words good insight.

weewilly2007 says:

What makes Western led business & religion such ideal bedfellows, even
though U’ll hardly find any1 admitting it 2day (that’s D role of the 3rd
party in bed with D pair), is both operate on projections made in2 the
future. Providing purpose, definition & orientation, like a sailboat
tacking against D 3 main wind turbines 2 chart a zigzagging course. In
order 2 lose D competition tailing U. Just make sure U don’t accidentally
arrive where U said U would all along! at least can say told u so!

Dusty Hamilton says:

from *Harvard Business Review*

louielamson2000 says:

Old Capitalism! The Broken Bridge of U.S and European Economic Crisis…
Watch video: Capitalism Hits the Fan – Richard Wolff

Dennis G Daniels says:

Interesting analogy… though I wonder if capitalism has any competitors
that it will succumb to… except of course capitalism’s own success eating
everything it touches and leaving nothing behind.

Elaine Mathton-Boivin says:

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