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Capt. Phillips Recalls Pirate Hijacking on the High Seas

Complete video at: Richard Phillips, captain of the Maersk Alabama, describes his ef…

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billyjoef5 says:

your comment just made my life.

jayne armstrong says:

He is a hero !!

amyourpapi23 says:

His story is bs

MrBrunothedog says:


theenergyroomEU says:

This man is a hero.
He is a really nice man I spoke with him in southampton last year

jan jansen says:

you idiot, those pirates were just kids

cawoxasan says:

this guy is kind funy man

MysteryManoLove says:

Well said, interesting too. Even the videos I don’t like, I’m glad I get to see them on Fora because of the new information. If it wasn’t for the new information, you wouldn’t know to oppose it or agree with it. So by definition Fora TV is important in keeping the First Amendment alive and well. If we said for example, “we already know what we need to know”, thinking ceases and the freedom of speech is gone.

ezze902 says:

Of course till they try to fight back…

ezze902 says:

You ever think of the impacts the U.S. has had on Somalia over the years?

These pirates are desperate, there country is desperate and noone cares…

XxXPenrdXxX says:

he likely saying:

those dumb weak pirates! they arent smart with those AK47!!

1RadicalOne says:


XxXPenrdXxX says:

best speech + extremely funny how he said it

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