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Capt. Richard Phillips : “A Captain’s Duty”

Capt. Richard Phillips and his crew onboard Maersk Alabama were attacked by Somali Pirates along the Gulf of Aden on April 8th 2009. Capt. Phillips offered h…

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TheRockonist says:

wat a brave person

behindtheline40 says:

Can stand the interviewer

19TGA80 says:

Richard Phillips is a good liar.

Ileana Andrade-Delegato says:

Yes great interview, what is completely wrong, the interviewer, just like media talking about the pirate as a “kid”, typical of the media trying to twist things around, but Capt. corrects him right the way; good for him, we need to do the same with the media.

Lufafy Lafay says:

Captain Phillips
Starring: Tom Hanks, Catherine Keener, Max Martini
The film focuses on the relationship between the Alabama s commanding officer, Captain Richard Phillips and his Somali counterpart, Muse.
Watch at

Dean Wilson says:

This man is a hero.

Crisjohn Penolbo says:

this person is a good captain of maersk….someday i want to be a captain

John Wells says:


Joe Armani says:

this man i just sailed with under his command – disregarded lots of nearmisses i brought to his office he said they were not valid – besides a criminal he is nothing else desregarding basic safety coast gurd should look closely at how many people he’s put in jeopardy

gonedoolali says:

The Captain was ignored nine warnings to keep away from his position -He ignored the experts and his officers and put them in real danger -He did not himself overpower the Somali pirate -And He never (he says so himself) offer himself for anything -He was stupid and led them to the life boat -Once the Somalis had their man safe they overpowered him and took him! Not a captain’s duty. If they shoot me they will be looking into his eyes! LOL

ralph00734 says:

what a brave master..

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