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Captain Phillips 2013 – Movie Review by Ajay Mir


Dhul Qarnayn says:

Good videos bro. You got a sub

timeman786 says:

thank you bro 🙂 hotel california next.

TheOnly1Zalo says:

Nicely done as always.

timeman786 says:

come on jones, there is no need for racism, i added a slight touch of humor of the pirates to show dont be afraid of the hollywood hype, people like to be scared when they watch thriller, horror movies, this is our planet why do we have to live in fear and create villians, the ones who control the media are the real evil planet of this earth because they have blood on their hands they dont want to inform people.they like to scare people instead

timeman786 says:

cheers for info 🙂

timeman786 says:

Thank u bro :-) part 2 coming for sunday peace and love 🙂

timeman786 says:

Thank u sis 🙂 i never really watched expandables what did u me i will investigate hollywood Mk ULTRA thanks

timeman786 says:

thanks bro.part 2 for sunday 🙂

timeman786 says:

Thank you bro 🙂 part 2 coming up for sunday one love

timeman786 says:

obama the son of Africa has returned to claim back Africa

timeman786 says:

thank u my friend 🙂

timeman786 says:

im back bro, im back,i got part 2 for this. it just got interesting. one love 🙂

timeman786 says:

thanks bro, hanks is a good friend of stephen speilberg, its a jewish thing 🙂

timeman786 says:

You liked that, i love the monkey island series 🙂

timeman786 says:

thanks look at that, u know how hollywood add their VAT, world war z was way changed around to support zion. i can read hollywood movies with my Rowdy Piper Sun Glasses

jesus jones says:

Somalians are pure dumbass evil gits.  They take the piss. Fuck somalians.

Adam Weishaupt says:

Illuminati are from Bavaria founded by adam weishaupt.

Paul Lewis says:

Great video bro keep them coming peace and Lov

pekinobo says:

Great. They did this with the movie The expandables from 2010 also. That movie was pure utter racist.Keep these videos coming and be safe

Thai Tightfist says:

Great work bro

KillTheOrderHD says:

Brilliant!!! Spot On! Shared..

electric menace says:

Yes obama fuckin sux

blablabla says:

(y) good work


ajay is back!!!!

Vitaliy Shapovalov says:

great, brother! let them eat their popcorn, while watching puppet Hanks, as their eyes still remain blind!

BigO2daG says:

Guybrush Threepwood? I love you, man !

GeorgeAlexanderOz says:

Thanks for carrying on, man.
Somewhere I read that crew members of the ship claimed the story is just not true, i.e. it didn’t happen as shown in the movie. In particular the role of Captain Phillips is misrepresented.
I believe that, since it the movie is coming from Hollywood.

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