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Captain Phillips (2013) – Movie Review by Nicholas Casaletto

Nick Casaletto gives us an early look at the latest film by Paul Greengrass and Tom Hanks, “Captain Phillips”. Plot: The true story of Captain Richard Philli…

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MMODoubter says:

It was not a strong performance by Hanks. Decent movie, but and unknown would have been better as the captain.

LtSurge659 says:

It’s a great film.

Weissaud Serious says:

Captain Phillips is one of those rare great intense and realistic thrillers. You can check out my full quick video review on my youtube channel: Weissaud Serious (type it in the search bar).

zEddyBear says:

so to summarize your review. tom hanks was fantastic and paul green grass was fantastic and film film film and tense.

nutty007100 says:

I’ve been waiting for Tom Hanks’s “Saving Mr.Bank” too, I really odore him.

Nicholas Casaletto says:

Thank you for your services, and for watching my review!

MsAudesapere says:

as one of the sailors of the uss bainbridge in 09, all i can say is thank you to everyone involved in this (apparently) amazing film. It is exciting to know that the director and crew did the story justice. No one should have ever technically known about this event while it was happening, it was accidentally picked up by the media. Capt Phillips showed incredible mindfulness and character during the entire event, and it is wonderful to be able to technically share his story with the world.

WeLiveFilm says:

I didn’t get my screening this week, but will be going to a screening at the NYFF and will be attending a press conference with Hanks

Nicholas Casaletto says:

Two different performances, however this one is one of the best i’ve seen from him probably since “Catch me if you can”.

Carlos Portiya says:

is hanks performance as good as it was in Forrest Gump

Wender Afonso Martins Machado says:

Can’t wait for this one Greengrass is such a talented director

1Switchfoot says:

really looking forward to this movie love Tom Hanks

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