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Captain Phillips (2013) – Movie Review By Zachary Marsh


Weissaud Serious says:

Captain Phillips is one of those rare great intense and realistic thrillers. You can check out my full quick video review on my youtube channel: Weissaud Serious (type it in the search bar).

John Smith says:

Forrest Gump, Captain Phillips and Catch me if you can. Haven’t seen Castaway yet

OfficialOnlineGamer1 . says:

cant wait to see this one

StuffedBurritoEnt says:

You nit-picking son of a… Haha. Well, at least you liked it. I think there was repetitious dialogue from the pirates because they as characters, and most likely as actors, couldn’t speak English very well so they stuck with basic phrases they were comfortable with. It happens in real life too. I personally don’t think the film needs Oscar nods. It’s just an intensely well paced film. But I know, Zach, I know… it would have been a better film if Wilson had popped up and saved the day.

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