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Captain Phillips 2013 Red Carpet Interview – Tom Hanks : Beyond The Trailer


FSbeats17 says:

como que ‘que’? no se haga el pendejo, estos actorcitos no son si no patos… intersados…

jshaw6600 says:


Peit Kiet says:

did you ever meet stanley kubrick, or did you not make reviews back then?

FSbeats17 says:

losers waking the red carpet excuse my mouth but, please dont praise these people.

GarciaEnt1 says:

Id be a horrible reporter. I got star struck for Grace. LOL

Mario Pacheco's Swivel Chair says:

Tom Hanks seems like a nice guy. I wonder how Richard Phillips feels like “Hey Tom Hanks is being me.”

Lourdes Frisch says:


Kendra Blake says:


VALKYRIE620 says:

Awesome video Grace!

Dominique Marsell says:

Good job Grace! You got Tom to give insight into the scene of all scenes in Capt Phillips. Thank you.

illyillyill says:

Really great job in all of the interviews. But don’t let that pressure you! lol just keep doing your thing.

Thunder213MMXI says:

Tom Hanks at sea ……… Wilson!

Seriously though that’s another good interview Grace and the movie looks quite interesting.

Carla W says:

Oh I totally agree! You are so thoughtful and well-spoken. Additionally, you do your research. I learn so much about the business of movie-making when I watch your shows. Even when I might not share the same sentiments as you about a particular movie, I appreciate your insight and rational.

Mike Blodgett says:

After hearing the real captain I think Tom Hanks did a great job on the accent.

MovieManiac33 says:

This is one of the 3 films I’m going to try to fit into my long weekend. The other 2 being ‘Gravity’ and ‘Rush’.

Btw, nice interviewing as usual Grace. 😉

Gogo says:

I wonder what was up with Tom Hank’s body language… it’s like something’s eating him.

Axewhipe says:

Welcome to New York!

ljrosel17 says:

cant wait to watch the story unfolds.. i think tom hanks did a great job.. by the way, nice interview grace.. God bless..

FRINGEtorv says:

Question: Grace what is it like to meet celebrities for the first time? And who is your ideal celebrity to meet?

Ileana Andrade-Delegato says:

Excellent movie. Tom Hanks excellent as always the best actor in the world.

Marccus Luera says:

Grace absolutely great job on the red carpet interviews.

Thomas Miles says:

Wow, I really hope the red carpet stuff keeps coming! It’s great to see you get here! Doesn’t seem like that long ago you were talking to joe public on their way out! Congrats to the entire BTT team!

noah clark says:

Tom is such a great guy

Erika Carrillo says:

Congrats, great interview!!!!

Chonny Vision says:

I find it amazing that this Channel provides content that it miles better than most television studios. Once again Grace, another great interview!

Joseph Chadd says:

Great Job Grace. Can I just ask who is the woman in white standing behind you who taps Mr Hanks (who seems awesome in real life) on the shoulder? Some kind of Agent? Great questions as always. – Joseph

Toby Hines says:

Great Video

thelastchants says:

grace is on the up and up 😀

BrontoSmilodon1 says:

Wow Phillips and Tom Hanks do kinda sound a like, no wonder Hanks was picked for the role aside from his good nature.

covertsniperr96 says:

Tom Hanks is such a cool dude

Ray Peterson says:

You gotta interview my favorite actor. You lucky duck! Glad you get to do the interviews. You are very good at them.

TheReturningShadow says:

I thought she was only 5’4″ or 5’5″ at the most. Ever watch her audience reviews when she used to do them? She was always much shorter than most of the male interviewees.

Sara Samaletdin says:

I think that Grace is rather tall herself, I am not sure tough.

karenjackson5705 says:

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N1Kki7 says:

apparently he’ll produce/write some cop show I believe. Not 100% sure.

Bruce Wayne says:

does anyone know what Vince Gilligan is up to now that Breaking Bad is over.


wonderful job Grace!

AbsulouteZero says:

Nice red carpet, you really got a lot of people this time, Grace. Keep it up!

Alex Foster says:

I really enjoyed your interview of Barkhad Grace. I’m so glad they picked him for this role because even in your interview with him, it shows that he really got the character; In the characters eyes, he was just playing the hand he was dealt, and doing all he could to win with it; even if it was wrong to do.

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