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“Captain Phillips” actor Barkhad Abdi #InTheLab w Arthur Kade


Infel mel says:

what the fuck? how come this somali guy is there? why did he not go to prison? isnt he the pirate? omg!!!!!

Aleksi Salonen says:

is this a troll?

Hanah BlueAthens says:

He spoke English so well and had a bit American accent which is cool. Plus he is so polite and respectful. Overall he is so talented for a first movie. Go Adbi

adi hermawan says:

fhis movie is much better than twilight

mai giang says:

the movie sucks, not realistic, only 4 pirates and the whole ship of people could not do anything

Leyla Abdalla says:

ilove wilasah somaliyeed

Gabriell Bishop says:

Try moving from Somalia to Yemen at the age of 7 and learn how to speak Arabic just by playing soccer with the other kids and then move to Minneapolis 7 years later and learn English from Jay-Z songs and Seinfeld episodes. 

Gabriell Bishop says:

My god I hope he get’s the recognition he deserves. He scared the shit out of me. 

pgbk87 says:

Exactly. He probably speak Somali and Arabic better than English. I don’t find him hard to understand at all…

allermenchenaufder says:

Amazing performance.

allermenchenaufder says:

He is an amazing actor being that English is his second language or maybe third. 

Abrar Alhatimy says:

You know You know You know You know You know You know You know You know

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