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Captain Phillips and Machete Kills – CineFix Meets Mark Twain

Mark Twain joins Norwood and Mackenzie to talk this weekend’s movies. Subscribe – Get more Mark Twain: W…

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CineFix says:

Seriously!!!! AMMMAZZZZING last scene!

Dominique Marsell says:

Saw a sneak preview of Captain Phillips the weekend Gravity came out. Captain Phillips is the best film of the year. Give Tom Hanks the Oscar already. That last scene tho!

TheRighteousHerosTRH says:

Does anyone else think that’s Jim Carey?

Travis Romig says:

What about Ender’s Game?

jarTVsion says:

dammit now that I’ve watched 4 min of nonsense just by THAT INCREDIBLY HOT CHICK in the middle, I’ve realize i need a social life 🙁

CineFix says:

Anyone else seen it yet? Thoughts?!

CineFix says:

Just got back from Captain Phillips. Soooooo awesome!

NintendoanimeMangagy says:

depends if i get to the movies early or late if im there early definitely machete kills but if im there late captain phillips lolz but been wanting to see that grindhouse film machete kills wayyy more lol so most likely seeing it tomorrow see ya

Cindy Flaharty says:

Neither of those two young upstarts could hold a candle to Mark Twain . Pun intended … Hey let’s get REAL PEOPLE !!!! How LAME !!!

LoLumadbro911 says:

The girl in the middle is SOOOO fucking hot.

M Hanson says:

Guys – great get, but give Mark Twain a break! Two cameras??
The man worked with Thomas Edison for God’s sake! Slow it down for him!
Reading only The Bible, Mark Twain, and tween fiction – WHAT ELSE IS THERE?

Araki Hirotaka says:

Mark Twain needs to put effort on the comedy sketch( ´艸`)

Ethan Cushing says:

“All he did was pilot a boat into pirate infested waters!”

InternetAesHole says:

Ohhhh mackenzie.

Teague Quillin says:


FebrzTech7 says:

the girl is so beautiful

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