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Captain Phillips: Barkhad Abdi Movie Premiere Interview


maar162 says:

everything’s gonna be ok, Irish

mattjnor98 says:

What a great actor! He has a lot of potential.

Mahad Ibrahim says:

@abdul elmasri :)

M Benz says:

great actor! loved his movie.

Egaal Osman says:

Dude are you joking? Muslims have a low AIDS percentage. And he’s super skinny because they made him like that for the movie. It wasn’t even worth it in my opinion it’s his first and last movie.

Abrar Alhatimy says:

You know You know You know You know You know You know You know You know You know You know You know You know You know You know You know You know You know

robert owuor says:

eat bro

robert owuor says:


ayan raghe says:

I’m really proud that a Somali brother made it into Hollywood! Such a big accomplishment mashallah…I hope he wins awards for his performance…finally a positive image for us Somalis !

Mohammed Ali says:

@druha10304… mate take your sorry ass somewhere else, you asked a question and got an answer yet you choose to keep hating, at least he got off his ass and done something with his life (doing a movie with tom hanks) while you write sad little comments like this…do some research and see where somalia lies with regards to aids, calm ur self down little guy and go seek some basic knowledge, with your ignorant self

milikoshki says:

He does an fantastic job in the film!

wali1925 says:

I wouldn’t be surprised if you believed that too since you are very narrow minded. I challenge you. go learn about Somalis they arnt like that. The don’t have sexually transmitted diseases because they muslim. sex without marriage is prohibited.

druha10304 says:

yeah and the earth is flat

wali1925 says:

Somalis don’t have aids you stupid shit, they are celibate until marriage and they are one of the most hygienic countries in Africa uff

Abdul Elmasri says:

what would make you say that?

druha10304 says:

does he have aids?

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