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Captain Phillips Controversy and Movie Review – CineFix Now!

Mackenzie and Mike review Captain Phillips and talk “based on a true story” controversy. Subscribe – Do you think a movie that’s “based o…

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dawnow1 says:

Is it just me or Mackanzie is wearing the same outfit in every single video? Not that it bothers me or anything.

CineFix says:

Well the crew members are saying that the heroic portrayal of Captain Phillips is inaccurate. Weather or not the the real Captain Phillips claims that he intended to depict himself as a hero, the crew believes he did.

Erik Hill says:

Also, you guys keep saying how he portrays himself as a hero but isn’t because of all the “controversy” regarding conflicting crew stories. Captain Phillips himself has come out and said he at no point thought of himself as a hero and he never intended or wanted to sacrifice himself for the betterment of his crew or ship.

Erik Hill says:

The one big differences as BWG mentioned earlier was that Phillips was being quite a cunt and ignored direct notations to not get that close to the coast. There is another small difference… I don’t believe he wrote to his wife / family while on the lifeboat, but that’s pretty irrelevant. And they said they had to fabricate a lot of the very end of the movie because the real Phillips didn’t remember much at all about post-rescue stuff.

Erik Hill says:

The fat flamboyant man from Tasted didn’t mention that the movie is incredibly accurate to the book. Everything from doing drills (although it wasn’t a pirate drill) when they first spotted the pirates to holding the radio on while being held up at gun point to inform the crew of the happenings to the bright yellow shirt the Navy instructed him to wear.

skylander master says:

Sorry I wanted to say the parts of the books that are more important

CineFix says:


john simley says:

I loved the both of you reviewing the movie you should definitely do it more. Only kill that background music, it was annoying and distracting after 3 minutes.

skylander master says:

Well I thinks they could what Is more important

YoungBrave2006 says:

I think it’s a copout. It gives the film maker an out when people call him on his BS; but it gives people the impression that it is mostly a true story. I have watched several movies where the story just didn’t make sense to me, and when I looked the incidents up, it turned out I was right, and I felt the movie should have been either made differently, or called something else. This happens with fiction too, for example the computer animated version of Beowulf is too different from the original.

BK Alley says:

The events and actions need to be faithful, even if they composite characters or leave out events.

BWGgy says:

The real captain phillips got them into that situation by ignoring orders to not sail that close to somalia.

CineFix says:

Looks awesome!

CineFix says:

because of the… 🙂

CineFix says:

Hm interesting point – do we think the term “based on” makes a distinction?

CineFix says:

Look it up – people are all complaining! They’re nuts!

CineFix says:

Terrible CGI

CineFix says:


CineFix says:

You liked Don Jon? Haven’t heard the best things – kinda hindered me from seeing it. I will definitely see if eventually, but does it need to be an in-the-theater watch?

CineFix says:

One of the absolute best working actors out there

CineFix says:


Jacob Stevens says:


Abrar Hassan says:

Love hanks

Impulsive2 says:

I like her thick eyebrows

lollmemm says:

Movie was pretty fucking pointless and boring, go see “Gravity” or “Don Jon”

betsyrocks says:

They should have cast Steven Segal in the role of Captain Phillips.

thecrikster says:

I wonder how we would feel if Hanks played the captain in an adaptation of the Costa Concordia disaster? Would it be as acceptable?

DeSadeM says:

Thanks, guys. I wouldn’t have bothered seeing this film prior to your review. It’s touched on some things that make me want to go see it now.

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