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Captain Phillips’ Homecoming


Carmen Bru Benedito says:

like if you see this video after the movie captain phillips of tom hanks

Cari Ortis says:

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Brightchild93 says:

obama didnt do shit it was the US Navy Seal Military Commander, not Obama. But fortunately he came home, thanks to the SEALS. Obama told them not to do anything, just monitor it.

chris armstrong says:

Note: 2:58 to 6:30…Capt. Phillips thanked and praised everyone from the SEALS, to the UN Navy (and ALL the military), CO Bainbridge, CO Boxer, his shipping company, the people of Vermont, his family… NEVER ONCE MENTIONED O’BUMMER LOL…that shillhalling no-brain…well…HE wanted Capt Phillips to BE “IN DANGER”…HE WAS ALWAYS IN DANGER FOOL!
Navy=3/Pirates=0 To the SEALS…”PING!”

TonyZayasEDS says:

What about Obama taking the political risk by giving those Seals their orders?

As Brandon Web Author of SEAL Sniper put it on CNN today, The thanks for Capt. Phillips rescue begins at the top with President Obama the Commander in Chief who gave those Seals their marching orders. How Capt Phillips could have left him out, puzzles me… Unless he’s a Racist!

Chrism980 says:

Well, moron, don’t be sick of this guy, he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. Be sick of the media who talk about this ordeal nonstop.

Allen Alonso says:

I’m sick of this guy

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