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CAPTAIN PHILLIPS “Look at Me : i’m the Captain Now !” Movie Clip # 4


Annilila99 says:

Barkhad … Yah well.. I have to agree with you but in his interview he looks like a nice guy XD

Mtensei says:

Those Somalia guys are fucking scary specially the skinny one, I can’t believe they live in Minnesota lol

Schlomo Goldbergstein says:

Captain Somalia fights for fried chicken, grape juice and the pirate way

Asma Ali says:


Forde G says:


Jokerlund646 says:

They are actually somalian. they were born in somalia then moved to minneapolis MN. and Graduated from rosevelt high school. The casting director came to minneapolis because we have the largest somalian community. So no worries. They’re legit.

Jokerlund646 says:

Line was improved.

gabethedinosaur95 says:

Paul greengrass did a really good job just like united 93.

José Repetto says:


zooblorg says:

awesome movie

henrydtuason says:

The director kept the pirate actors, all first-time actors, from meeting Tom Hanks until they shot this scene. You can kinda tell that the lead pirate is probably thinking to himself, “Holy Shit, I’m acting with Tom Hanks…what the heck am I doing here?!!!”

They did an awesome job.

Egaal Osman says:

Usain Bolts minus 200 lbs plus a jewfro. lol.

Darryl Hawthorne says:

I can’t WAIT IM WATCHING THIS MOVIE TOMMORW it’s the first time it’s playing!!!!

irishryan16 says:

Can’t wait for it tomorrow

Forde G says:

I hope these actors were already skinny Somalians and didn’t have to acquire an accent and lose a shit load of weight to be in this movie.. Just sayin..

SergeantBagel says:

You got it wrong, man.

cabdragon333 says:

Dude in the video thumbnail looks like Using Bolt

Frizzy Bear says:

That’d be the most awesome hijacking movie ever

Don't Ever Judge a Movie by its Trailer says:

gonna watch it for sure !

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