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ferarias1up says:

This Halloween try and check out this new film Hellbenders… look it up Oct 18

PeasnLuvve says:

Love Grindhouse films!

Conor Bourke says:

Finally you actually reviewed movies and this video wasn’t actually shit for a change!! And thanks for not going on about your website cos’ nobody cares.

selfalready says:

FELIPE! FELIPE!!! el negrito, FELIPE!!!! HOSE him down FELIPE……..

ryan rubin says:

keep staying on your grind peter….

Lee Penrose says:


Emilio Hidalgo says:

That’s why women have chick-flicks, even though they also are pretty degrading towards them…

mattspeakstoall says:

No one gives a fuck what women think.

actionmoviefrea says:

Yes please stop making ‘these’ movies (grindhouse). they are really unkind to women.

When ToysSpeak says:


shino475 says:

might have to check out captain phillips

SupremeLord MrPopo says:


myfilms999 says:

did you change your intro song? NOOOOOOOO

Gabriel Tejeda says:

He is, damn.

LMAOuncleDEMO says:

he said 2 weeks in a row

Brady Shanahan says:

machete kills is awesome pure gold

joelovearsenal2 says:

Do review on filth cuz I saw it and it was amazing

John Wizeman says:

I wish Robert Rodreguiz would get away from making these dumb Machete movies, and GET BACK TO SIN CITY !!!

Wouter de vries says:

“Wow, holy shit!” Good enough for me to watch it.

Nathan Scovell says:

I hate that lady gaga is in that movie.

ChristianMetal55 says:

First time back to back

John Smith says:

Don’t you realize it’s Bi-Polar movie month? LOL.

BrrratOnEM says:

Screw you, MACHETE Kills You!!!

Albert Torre says:

I was in that movie

MrVikson71 says:

He meant it was the first time he gives 10/10 for 2 weeks in a row.

xXcoolhandzeusXx says:

He said two weeks in a row

Haseeb Asif says:

its not the first time u gave man of steel a 10 on 10

Nick Coyle says:

@ppremne whats your point

Jmanheroboy16 says:

Why don’t you wait till the end of the video and FIND OUT!?

dlwilliams10 says:

Hey whats the new intro song?

ppremne says:

what movies did you rate as 10/10 again peter? warrior; gravity; captain phillips?

imrightyourestupid says:

cool, might actually bother seeing captain phillips

RunningManBTO says:

You mean they didnt just pluck a Somali pirate from his home and put him in the film? Could’ve fooled me.

Tomas Hernandez says:


Tomas Hernandez says:


ken2go2 says:

true that mah nigga

SI FI says:

how can Machette Kills take itself seriously?? it has lady gaga and Carlo Estavez.SORRY Charlie Sheen in it blurrggh

darianpopman says:

I found it! My friends never die, by Odesza!

martinteel says:

I really enjoy the movie reviews you post. Please allow people to thumbs up or down comments they like/dislike.

darianpopman says:

That’s a good song… I have that song on Itunes. I recognized it immediately. I don’t really like it for a theme song though.

HeelAttitude22 says:


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