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‘Captain Phillips’ Mission | Medal of Honor: Warfighter


TheDeltaMoo says:

It’s weird, this game had the better keyboard+mouse driving than any other game I’ve played, including racing games.

TheDeltaMoo says:

I liked the campaing. Headshotting everyone with the first shot made it a bit dull but overall it was a lot of fun. And without the glitches the multiplayer is a lot of fun too. It was rushed, the launch was bad but if people played it more the game would’ve had support and fixes making it one of the best shooters atm.

ConnMovieMakers says:

I totally agree 2010 was amazing and is seated high on my favorite campaigns

afrothund3r007 says:

2010 had my favorite campaign in any FPS out there.

Itsyougame says:

Sooo nice!

wizzzer1337 says:

it was cool and i actually knew about the event already, but the thing is… as a piece of gameplay, this mission is absolutely the most contrived, the most hand holding experience i’ve ever had. no matter how “authentic” that experience was, this encapsulated EVERYTHING that i think is wrong about modern military shooters.

BaLisTic GuNZ says:

moh warfighter wasnt an amazing game, but damn the games graphics on campaign on ultra look tremedously beautiful

BaLisTic GuNZ says:

well honestly i dont like fps shooter campaigns, there lacking compared to ac borderlands, skyrim and other games that focus on the campaign

C0T0HA says:

Gameplay-wise, both were linear shit. Story-wise, Warfighter was boring.
2010 though managed to grab me, especially when you were ambushed and defending till the air assistance came.

Also I think 2010 one looked better. FB2 may be a more advanced engine, but only DICE can push it to its true limits

manueclv says:

Very short 🙁

Tazzy Cookie says:

As soon as I seen the title I got the reference! Looking forward to the movie! Also I still need to finish Warfighter.

wesley ter horst says:


Harrison King says:

Dude, I literarily played this level a week back and I thought, hey that boat looks just like the one from the Captain Phillips ad, then i watch this, I KNEW IT!

RoderickVI says:

@sushytacos96 the waves thing is because its in the middle of the ocean, there’s no waves in the middle of the ocean, and well the time bending stuff… Done before in 2005 by Illyria

ItzIRiix says:

Amazing as always Threatty <3

Jim Liu says:

i wanted to skip this game because of horrible multiplayers, now im gonna buy the game…

KnightModern says:

i was hoping more, but i’m sure that’s not the worst ending i’ve ever seen

Moe Joe says:

What film? Please advise

FantasyNero says:

Good upload Threatty such of good video
are you still playing bf3 because i really want to join with you, can we be a friends? please

Ezenemy says:

I actually never knew about this being part of the game, I just saw this movie with my girlfriend and I absolutely loved it. Cool video!

SimplyRODAX says:

more vids like this

jdslipknot says:

MOHW is a incredibly underrated singleplayer game.

It actually got the “military” feel that lacks in COD or BF3.

Keen2kill says:

Yeah some of us did see this on a History Channel documentary. Had a thought back then it would end up in a game or a movie. Well it glad it did 🙂

Asem Qima says:

F to zoom ? wth

Asem Qima says:

Threatty writes 5 comments , he gets top comments
They obviously love you man

A7OldRscplayer says:

do it!

Miky Kanazawa says:

I liked them too

Miky Kanazawa says:

what film?

Wesley Chhun says:

2nd to last mission is awesome

rictacles says:

yeah… they took it out of rotation because it didnt sell as many copies as EA wouldve liked to

sushytacos96 says:

i loved the campaign but this segment was dumb because there were 2 things wrong, there were no waves in the middle of the ocean apparently, and 2 when you fire the gun the bullet is traveling in slow motion right? well then why is everything else moving at a normal rate of speed ? the pirates were fidgeting just as if it wasnt in slow motion. either thats the slowest projectile ive ever seen come out of a gun ever or those Somalians pirates have developed a device that can bend space and time.

Forza4theWin says:

What its gone? 🙁

LikeANinja64 says:

This mission didn’t fit in with the campaign at all, but I couldn’t care less. It was sooo fun, and it was awesome to actually recreate the mission. Think about how difficult that must have been for all the SEALs to line up perfect shots all at the same time. That’s something that’s even far fetched for a movie, let a lone reality. Amazing that it actually happened.

rictacles says:

R.I.P. M.O.H.
-Oct. 31st 1999 – Oct 23rd 2012-

Daryl Nelson says:

ill take your word for it 🙂

Francisco Jose Lima De Oliveira says:

I’m from Brazil its very Short Videos pricipalmente those montage of BF3, Thanks

Ach limed says:

The 2010 campaign was soooo fucking good compared to warfighter’s, but some of the visuals throughout Warfighter’s campaign were absolutely EPIC.

pappaSmurfable says:

An Threatty just saved Tom Hanks.

halvo11 says:

ha nice avatar pic

SirShiggy Diggy says:


Threatty says:

I uploaded this because there will be people who see the film, and if they haven’t played MoH:Warfighter they wouldn’t know that the incident was already depicted in the game.

Arian Mas says:

Saw captain phillips, best movie this year I saw

TheMarksman8 says:

Amen to that!

MrTrolmastr says:

im confused why did threatty upload this? isnt this part of the game? or did he make this mission himself? im not hatin but someone please reply

D000m3 says:

WTF! i played this exact mission this morning!

fonze916 says:

Those graphics are so Juicayyy!

Austin Wolfe says:

I don’t remeber that mission 0_o

datcrispypancake says:

A pretty tacked on mission IMO

datcrispypancake says:

Yes 😉

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