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Captain Phillips-Movie Review

In 2009 a group of Somolian pirates hijacked a cargo ship commandeered by Captain Richard Phillips. Here is Austin’s review of, “Captain Phillips”.

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brettpilliar99 says:

My favorite tom hanks film is diefinitely Big. One of the funniest films i’ve seen.

Chris Lupo says:

Seeing this movie Saturday. Can’t wait!!

John Mathews says:

K, then that :P

Noah Christian says:

Forrest Gump is my favorite Tom Hanks movie also the first Toy Story

Austin Putnam says:

go on. lol jkjk

Austin Putnam says:

Toy Story 3 counts haha

Austin Putnam says:

Thanks man!

22tigerdude says:

Great review Austin 🙂 I haven’t given a film my 5/5 rating since Monsters University. Really hoping my anticipated film which is Captain Phillips will get perfect from me. Don Jon was alright, Gravity is really good but not fantastic, next up is this film for me 🙂 I’m glad to hear it’s fantastic 🙂

John Mathews says:

My favorite Tom Hanks movie is Toy Story 3. If that doesn’t count, it’s gotta be Forrest Gump or Big.

John Mathews says:

4.5/5 is my rating for this movie, too!

John Mathews says:

Gravity has to be the most intense movie of the year so far.

Jerome Latimer says:

Favorite Tom Hanks Films: Forrest Gump, Cast Away, The Toy Story Trilogy, Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile, Catch Me if you Can, Big, Apollo 13, Philadelphia, Road to Perdition, Splash (Christ! There’s a plethora of them).

Least Favorite: Cloud Atlas, The Da Vinci Code

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