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Captain Phillips movie review

Oscar buzz heats up as Tom Hanks is taken hostage by pirates off the coast of Somalia. Jeremy reviews “Captain Phillips”. See more videos by Jeremy here: htt…

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Miguel Pabello says:

Saw this earlier today. That scene where Hanks is shown in shock is convincingly well done. The pirates are great as well for their first outing as actors. Overall, a really great movie:)

John Rhey Bocalan says:

Air Force One.

Hail2theKing100 says:


Ian McIntosh says:

the negotiator

thatasiankid45 says:

Dog day afternoon.

Chirayu Patel says:

Air Force One Best Hostage movie I remember.

richards pop says:

Hijacking(2012), - Kapringen
SAme story , better film.

breasthound says:

weren’t you playing GTA V.

dissidant1 says:

I would go see Captain Phillips again for that ending scene alone.

Dr Van Nostrand says:

after reading an article that has quotes from the other people on the boat, this movie doesn’t seem good to me anymore. i mean the whole point behind it is its real, but apparently the main guy was no hero, like he did nothing heroic like its depicted in the movie, and he ignored warning that there had been pirate attack near the coast, and to travel further out at sea, and people on the crew felt he had a death wish after finding all that out

cill521 says:

Its a joke, cheer up

Alimayo Arango says:

some of Jeremy Jahns reviews are better than the actual movies he reviews. I always enjoy watching this guy.

evilempreUK says:

Really? I liked it well enough and was more entertaining than I expected but there is nothing really much in it like with all of Del Toros films it has a unique visual look but the characters and story is not particularly interesting and I like traditional monster films like Spiders (2000) and Bats.

brickman113 says:

This movie deserved an Awesomtacular!!!! It was amazing!!!!!!

silantbill says:

Jeremy, my friend, GTA5 has been out for quite some time. I believe a review is in order. Hit me back, just to chat. Truly yours, your biggest fan. This is Stan.

Ozzie Game Guys says:


Ozzie Game Guys says:

it counts =D

MrMendoda says:

I like ur reviews dude keep it up! Plz 😉

Derar Aldeek says:

John Q

evilempreUK says:

I expect most people to say Die Hard but for me Brake is my favourite hostage movie.

Simo says:

Never heard of this film? I will give it a watch then.

NurDinHidayat says:

Who is this “Seymour” you keep telling us at the end of your videos??

Julio Morales says:

Finding nemo, poor dory and marliin didnt were forced to do things for those sharks.

Kyle Towers says:

i ‘ve watched a couple good pornos that should count as hostage movies

1moe7 says:

But those stories were the exact opposite of boring!

Evan Richardson says:

Should’ve had an Awesometacular

Jessica May says:

Die Hard

Alundstroem says:

The Negotiator was really good Imo

liaison dangereuse says:

Spike Lee’s “Inside Man” starring Clive Owen

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