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Captain Phillips Movie Review


Lucille Grant says:

Now I really can’t wait to see the movie

tblackjacks1 says:


DerWutendeMetzger says:

Fuck this movie. The preview made the “pirates” seem like victims. Like we should be sympathetic to this scum. More hollywood bullshit. FUCK THIS MOVIE!

JiggyPigggy says:

cool review. nice work :)

MrGMovieReviews says:

Dude, with Foxcatcher completely out of the race, and the Wolf of Wall Street potentially (hopefully not) not coming out, Barkhad Abdi not only has a great chance to earn a NYFA nomination but quite possibly an Oscar Nomination. He’s getting nothing but praise, so I would not be surprised, and besides I can’t fucking wait to see this.

TheBoysdontcry96 says:

Great review, Griffy!

SirTyJensen says:

I’ll see it opening weekend. I’m glad there isn’t a lot of shaky cam. This is the third review I seen and I won’t see another until after I see the movie. I’m looking forward to Escape Plan, are you interested in seeing it?

Garbage Can Film Man says:

good review man

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