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Captain Phillips – Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann


MMODoubter says:

It was shown clearly in the opening of the movie.

abprepboy33 says:

How do you know they werent the bosses? Did they whisper their motives to a detective when they were dead with bullets in their head? Or did their bosses come forward and take responsibility? How do you know they were even part of an oganization and not just some idiot teenagers trying to get rich?

collinsftw1 . says:

I meet him irl and the story was 100 % accrete to what he said and i might of been long but never got bored in that 2 hours

eric martinez says:

I liked this film cuz it shows both sides of the story,the pirates didnt do it cuz they were looking for fun,they didnt have a choice

ahmed musa says:

I am fan of Tom Hanks but in this movie I cared more the pirates than Tom hanks because I went to High school with those guys and we’re both Somalians, I was really sad to watch how they Potrait my friends

MMODoubter says:

Their BOSSES want to get rich. You’ve heard of warlords, right? Those guys who went in the skiffs to the ship were not running the show.

abprepboy33 says:

BTW- ive seen the tv adds you can feed like a whle family for 12 dollars a month. Those ak47s would have been many many many more than one meal. Those pirates wanted to get filthy rich not just get money for food.

abprepboy33 says:

Their bosses? How do you know what their bosses wanted or that they even had bosses? Because they said so-?? they also said they would let captain phillips go when the crew let their leader go. Their word means NOTHING- everything they say should be considered a lie. All the pirates died- so how do you KNOW what their bosses would have done to them?

MMODoubter says:

Ask their bosses.

They could have taken the money in the safe, but the elders (the people who decide if they live or die) would not have been pleased.

Criminals don’t give up their weapons for a few meals, because they will have to eat again later.

Austin Betts says:

The film hit all the right points, great…great movie. Tom Hanks performance was absolutely riveting and extremely emotional. Second favorite movie of this “award season.” Prisoners still holds the top spot 

freshrr2 says:

You gotta do something to spice these videos up man their getting boring.( and I love you stuckman) for realz, dude. Still love the in depth analysis tho, peace

abprepboy33 says:

they could have sold the the ammunition and the AK47’s to get some food and that would have improved their lives. 10 million is a bit greedy isnt it?

Fanny Owl says:

I’m sold.

MMODoubter says:

Not sure about it being racist, as I think he would have said the same about white pirates behaving the same way, but politically naive.

The pirates had little choice about what they did and how they did it. “Maybe in America, Irish”.

MMODoubter says:

It wasn’t all THAT realistic. I find the way the pirates got on board unlikely, and the way the hostage situation was ‘resolved’ complete BS.

MMODoubter says:

ONE of the pirates was a savage, but the others were not. They were poor men in a desperate situation trying to improve their lives the only way left open to them.

LittleDogTurds says:

Greengrass looks a bit like Billy Connolly.

shaahin rajabi says:

Tom cruse for James Bond

Michael Challinoir says:

Remember yes, live in the past no. I get what you’re saying pal but this is 2013 not 1861. Race is really irrelevant to this video.

BESM1984 says:

Today? have you opened a history book?! Society has always been screwed up in many ways no matter the place or time. Its not perfect today but please do try to remember what early times were like

A5H107 says:

Chris, do you like to do it with the lights on?

RoboticSquirrel says:

Why is all the rum gone? I died.

Weissaud Serious says:

Captain Phillips is one of those rare great intense and realistic thrillers. You can check out my full quick video review on my youtube channel: Weissaud Serious (type it in the search bar).

cervantes455 says:

You sound white.And if you are,please stop getting offended on behalf of black people.

Johnny Bravo says:

This is bait

conanzina says:

why is all the rum gone 

Akash Suryawanshi says:

Third Oscar for Tom Hanks

Akash Suryawanshi says:

hey same pic

Down In Front says:

One of the best movies of the year!!

neverest357 says:

The problem that us “fanboys” have is that what you said is an assumption (and a false one at that)
If you want to make a legit (keyword) criticism, meaning a criticism that isnt just an assumption based on a few videos and actually has arguable merit to it, then thats cool, that can be used as constructive criticism. But a hasty assumption (and again, one that turned out to be false)? That shit dont fly.

neverest357 says:

Why Do People Type Like This? It Takes More Effort And Time And Yet, It Doesnt Make It Looker Cooler, Or Special, Or Creative. Its Just Simply A Nuisance
PS: Yes, im completely ignoring what you actually said because what you said is just too stupid to deserve a legit response (not to mention the fact that you could simply be trolling), plus plenty of others have/are-going-to explain why what you said it stupid anyways.

GreenSkyFalling says:

I just found out that this film although loosely based on actual events, is a far cry from what literally took place. Apparently the actual Captain Phillips was a terrible captain that forced his crew to sail in hostile waters to save time and money, he knowingly risked the lives of his crew and his risk taking cost lives. He is currently being sued.

GreenSkyFalling says:

Yea, you need to chill out LastSaintDiablo, if you continue to perpetuate racial stereotypes there will always be tension and hate. I’m pretty sure he used the word savages to describe the men themselves as pirates, not as black Africans. Quite frankly, I’m tired of hearing the bullshit out of peoples mouths trying to dig up dirt against white people. If you actually read our earth history you would know slavery has existed since time began, including white slavery, we are moving on. Please stfu

Michael Challinoir says:

Okay brother i’ll take it. Apologies for being oversensitive but you know what YouTube is like 🙂 I do see what you’re saying by God if he isn’t well, we’re screwed! :O

TheGermandude2 says:

Haha, I didn’t mean any offense I was just saying. I saw people replying to him about it like 2 days ago and people are STILL dogging him. He did it on purpose.

Michael Challinoir says:

See you insult me with no reason so you’re just as bad. Be ashamed of yourself because if you knew me, we might get along! 🙁

Our last hero says:

You must be joking, right?

poontang3zizo says:

He doesn’t care. Peasant.

Chaze Young says:

OMG Chris Shaved. All clean face. Wanna really see Tom Hanks??? Watch Budsom Buddies. See the real Tom Hanks.

TheGermandude2 says:

It was a fucking troll he obviously did it to get a rise out of gullible people like you. He wants people to get upset and reply to him. Stop doing it.

mayra says:

THAT’S the reason society is so messed up today? People pulling the racist card? Not racists?

Zane Gray says:

0:44-0:48 hahahaha

jay256385 says:

I love how you act surprised when you’re in a comment box section and then think you can say what you want and believe you won’t get a response. But clearly as you shown when the debate is lost slander becomes your tool.

Jado198 says:

So basically you’re one of those ‘ I will write any bullshit, but if anyone corrects me, they are a fanboy’ bigots. Also do you need to come out the closet or something, if the things that come to your mind are blowing people and being fucked in the ass.

Criticism is only valid, if it has validity, now I don’t care if you like this guy’s reviews or not, but don’t get emotional if people correct you on things.

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