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Captain Phillips Movie Review – Chatalbash Reviews


Michelle Hayton says:

Tom Hanks was suburb in this film! Very grounded, but becomes so intense and emotional by the end that it broke my heart, I do not know how he did it, the most realistic post traumatic stress display I have ever seen! Give him an Oscar nomination for sure! Great true story that could not have been better!

Kritic1Cing6 says:

Undeniably, well worth the Oscars considering for one of the two top runners best leading actor nomination along with Chris Hemsworth (Rush), IMO.
Best lead actress looks like however, so far, will be taken away with Cate Blanchette (Blue Jasmine).

rbhavan says:

what happened to your video quality, man ?

baxterpoo says:

Great film but the last two scenes…OMG…Tom. Just give him the Oscar…more men sobbing and blowing their noses then I have ever heard in my life.

baxterpoo says:

Nominated….you meant win. Most powerful scene in a film…maybe, ever.

BlazeTheMovieFan says:

Hmm, interesting…

Iain Dewar says:

It was a great movie. Do you think Tom Hanks should be Oscar nominated? The last two scenes were phenomenal!

Hect0r89 says:

Oh cool i wana watch it now thanks Tom

FlicknAwesomeReviews says:

This movie looks SICK

Brandon Kayemba says:

Been waiting for this for a while

laxedskater009 says:

excellent review. I must see this now.

JWUniverse says:

Great review Tom I saw this film as well loved it such a great story and acting was superb. Checkout my review if you want. 😀

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