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CAPTAIN PHILLIPS movie soundtrack. Track 16 of 16 SAFE NOW


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mrbass093 says:

tom hanks best performance and deserves another academy

mrbass093 says:

i cried so much at the end, this movie deserves an oscar

Michael Beard says:

hauntingly beautiful music. the way tom hanks portrayed the captain in shock, confusion, exhaustion, etc. at the end was perfection. i went through a tramatic event a few months ago and his actions were exactly what i did as well. add the music to it, and it sent chills throughout my body. amazing film.

Annilila99 says:

I almost cried but I didn’t wanted to cry like a baby when I am with my brother … xd But this movie is THE BEST performance in Tom Hanks’s career! Yeah I know that at my age i’m supposed to be fan of .. I don’t know.. Jonas Brothers or Liam and Chris Hemsworth.. But Tom Hanks has the power to transform a normal movie to a spectacular one and he has the talent.! I don’t know much about Paul Greengrass but he did a VERY GOOD work! Can’t wait for the Oscars :O

Matthew McPhee'Z says:

This is the moment where I cried so much in the cinema, Captain Phillips is no hero but he’s the real human being. The most powerful ending that took a lot of my tears, Tom Hans deserving his 3rd Oscar and Paul Greengrass deserving his 2nd Oscar nominees!

eledezma says:

I don’t care if Zimmer wrote both.
Using the same song with a different arrangement unless it’s the same theme for a franchise doesn’t work.
I mean, you can tell artistic style throughout scores, but this IS the same song with a different arrangement. And even then, they are similar

AH Parts Dismantlers Honda Acura says:

HENRY JACKMAN and Hans work together. Look it up on Wikipedia.

TheMarvel619 says:

Jeez. I thought I was the only one who noticed its similarity to “Time” by Hans Zimmer. Although it sounds like it, I don’t think of it as a rip off. Both REALLY contribute to the ending like “I’m safe. I made it. I can go home now….”

Chris Nong says:

Why Henry? You are an amazing composer, but why steal from Zimmer?


JUst saw the movie……BRILLIANT FILM

Nick Trylo says:

well the composer Henry Jackman was Hans Zimmers apprentice.

Insignium Studios says:

Both songs sound alike for one reason. They both symbolize an end to the craziness. It’s like the songs are saying, “I made it. I’m safe.” This was the case in both Inception and Captain Phillips. Both are genius songs.

Aðalbjörg Flosadottir says:

Time! That’s exactly what I thought last night in the theater

Mark Gregorio says:

My wife even looked at me and said..inception ha

Harrison Nam says:

The amount of Hans Zimmer in this song is astounding.

Jordan Blum says:

That’s exactly what i was shouting in the movie theater!

John Cunha says:

Hans Zimmer’s “Time”… 2.0

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